At last…

The waiting (the agonizing part of organizing the gig…) is finally over! All four bands confirmed… That’s right, four fantastic “Yes”-es!! We’re also extremely happy because one out of those four amazing acts is a band that has set the standards for local rock acts in the 21st century local indie music scene.

To be perfectly honest, at first we were trying to get The Milo for June, because we just thought of them and they’d be a great addition to an already cool line-up. But alas, they cannot make it this month due to conflicting schedule. We will try to invite them again next time, as they ever so kindly suggested already that they would definitely love to play on our little ol’ stage. It’s all in the timing, folks…

But lucky for us what had happen happened, for we have lost one act and gained another fabulous one!

Seeing that the other three bands are still freshly new from the oven, as amazing as they are, we thought that it would always help to have a “pretty well-known-already-in-the-local-indie-scene” headliner to draw the crowd… So that a lot more music fans would get the chance to see those great newbies from out of town, see? The more, the merrier, and the better for the bands!

So up to a few nights ago, we were still praying to our punk rock Gods and Goddesses, for a “yes” from this other band who would then be the headliner in the next gig. Hallelujah, our prayers were answered… Wait for it…. Positively!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the confirmed line-up for “SUPERBAD!” Vol. 32 (26th June 2011)…


Five young punk rockin’ lads from the rainy city of Bogor (yes, Bogor), who’s already gotten a tremendously fast recognition and accolade in the local indie world, something that any new bands would kill for. The band, formed recently in 2011, has a name that made both Secret Agents crave to see them perform, praying that they were as fabulous as their name. Luckily, they are. Their debut EP, Mistery Torpedo, is filled with: very short, very raw, very cocky, and very “short-raw-cocky-ala 70s raunchy punk rock stuff that we wanna hear again this year”. That, plus a full-on ‘attitude’ on stage, have made them a must-see for those always-hungry-for something-new-and-unique kinda crowd.  They’re an absolute “SUPERBAD!” material.


When a band has only two members and one of them is this good lookin’, it’s safe to say they would absolutely do well in this industry, especially with a genre like electronica. But we think that Belkastrelka’s success in their journey won’t only occur due to those obvious reasons. Have you heard their music? It’s new, it’s unique, it’s crazy exciting for music lovers like us to listen to! When The Secret Agents saw what the name of their debut album was, which is Penyusup Misterius Dan Suara-Suara Aneh Dari Kamar; and saw the design of the album cover, we fell harder for this Jogja based duo big time. Their music brings us on a trippy trip to another dimension, where things are eerie and unknown, but absolutely inviting. They call their sounds “Music for a space voyage” and that’s exactly how we would describe it. Come and experience their music at Jaya Pub on the 26th June, and you might see Major Tom drinking beer alone at the back row.


Once upon a time there was a band called Loud that was formed in 2008. They’re a bunch of skillful metalheads boys from Bandung who were influenced by the two big metal heavy weights, Sabbath and Zeppelin. Conflicting names issue came up sometime ago that made them change their name to Sigmun, as in Freud without the D at the end, whom they admire so much. Mostly for his unconscious mind and the defense mechanism theory. You know, how some believe that music came spontaneously from unconscious minds? Groovy… This is why Sigmun call their music Freudian Blues Rock. These are all very interesting, but once you hear them perform… You’ll love’em even if they get their name from a cheesy soap opera series! By their good-boyish looks alone, one would never guess such sounds could come out off their bodies and instruments… The Secret Agents were taken back to the 70s, specifically to a heavy metal concert in that era, when they first heard Sigmun. This is a band we were hoping to find…

Now… We’ll be revealing our headliner for Vol. 32. (drum-rolls, por favor…)

The fourth band that will be performing at the Jaya Pub stage on the next “SUPERBAD!” is THE BRANDALS!!! They were the first one that popped up in our thoughts when we were trying to find that one more act. It couldn’t be more perfect…. Well, it’s about time these boys strut their hot new stuff on the stage of Jaya Pub again. That’s right, they’ve performed there in 2005 on The Tribute For The Rolling Stones event, and it became legendary.


With a new outlook on things, and a sort-of new name (precisely, a new way of spelling their name…), the brandal boys are back. There’s never any doubts that these guys can shake rattle ‘n roll with the best of ’em,  making them rock entertainers to the max, so let’s see whether the two new members (that we jokingly call ‘clones’ because of the  way their looks resemble those they replaced!) can keep their ‘already badass’ rep on top. BRNDLS, as they call themselves these days, have just released a new album DGNR8, with a single called Perak (listen to a minute of it here… which has a hint of a different tone to their previous ‘colors’. This only proves that these once rockin’ juvenile delinquents have grown into five super-bad men. We love’em either way. And the fact that they’d still say yes to small events in crummy ol’ venues made us love’em even more!

So, there you have it. The bands of “SUPERBAD!” Vol. 32. Catch their performances on the 26th June, 8pm-1am, at The Jaya Pub. Come early and pick a good spot, cuz you’d want to see all the acts performing this night.

Hope to see you all on the next “SUPERBAD!” 😀

Terima Kasih & Thank You,

-The Secret Agents

PS: Photographers and video-makers are always welcomed to shoot, but please always make sure that the audience behind you can still enjoy the view of the stage, the bands playing aren’t distracted, and the operation of the venue is not disturbed. Also, the FDC you pay at the door is not just to get in. It will get you a beer or soft-drink inside. So paying at the door is the same as buying one drink (your first drink) inside. This is why there are no guestlists available, except for band members and crews. We just want to make sure that the venue gets the profit it deserves from supporting us with this event.