The Secret Agents


“SUPERBAD!” Vol. 34

A Little Note From The Secret Agents:

Yes, we are still doing the gig this month… Yes, we can celebrate good music and be “goody good” at the same time… But no, we ain’t gonna feature any Qasidah band. At least, not this time 🙂
This month’s “SUPERBAD!” (Vol. 34) is held earlier, in date and in time. It’s on the second Sunday instead of the usual last Sunday of the month, and the first band will go on stage at 8 pm instead of the usual 9-ish… Why? Well, the last days of this month will be dedicated to Lebaran, and hang-out spots have to close up earlier this whole month. Hence… The small changes.
Another ‘special’ (a.k.a: different) thing about this month’s “SUPERBAD!” is the concept. This will be our first ‘all acoustic session’, and you will get to see three of the best local indie bands performing their music acoustically.
In 1965, Newport Folk Festival, Bob Dylan was booed by his audience for ‘going electric’. The main complaint was “Can’t hear what he’s saying!”. His lyrics are so beautiful that people didn’t just want to listen to him, they really wanted to hear what he was saying.
On this month’s “SUPERBAD!”, you’ll get to hear the words the bands are singing. This is awesome because they’re also known for writing excellent lyrics. Each with their own unique style. This will be that rare opportunity to finally hear the words sung live, acoustically. In other words, you don’t wanna miss this gig.
There’s another bonus for those coming to the gig… All the way from New Zealand, a soulful hubby-wife folk-rock darling duo who call themselves Dear Frontier will also be performing. An international line-up, people! 🙂
May this fasting month go peacefully, smoothly, and successfully… All the way to Lebaran!

See Ya!

Sunday, 14 August 2011, 8 pm – 12(-ish) pm, at The Jaya Pub, Gd. Jaya parking area, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. -2, Jakarta Pusat (seberang /across Hotel Sari Pacific)


(Sultry Power Lullabies)
She’s back on our little stage, along with the awesome musicians that’s made this band’s existence in the music scene still so unique and fabulous. Tika’s ‘strong and yet seductive feminine’ voice always sounds alluring, when saying her romantically charged and playfully brutal lyrics. Backed by the band, not to mention the ‘always cool to have in a band’ double bass player by her side, their acoustic session of carnivalesque-roaring 40’s-trip-hop sounding tunes will take you where you picture Indiana Jones would usually find himself at, in the underground club scene, in some exotic foreign land…

(Post-Delinquent Super Punks)
They’re one of those bands that can get anybody ending up liking them. The kind that will still be cool to like, even perhaps when they become commercially successful! You can never beat charisma, and that’s what this band has… A charismatic frontman. The energy that the other members of this band bring to their performance, oozes – out balancing their persona to represent their rockin’ music. It will be a special experience to see their acoustic session, for we can finally hear their lyrics, and that’s another great quality this band possesses. Hear them out.

(Glam Love Resurrection)
You’ll laugh. First, you will laugh just seeing their outfits, then you’ll laugh watching their 80’s glam-rock moves. Next thing, their music and the vocals hit your eardrums. You then stop laughing (but definitely still smiling), realizing how good this band really is. They are a bunch of skillful musicians plus a skinny singer with big hair and even bigger voice that can tear your heart out. This acoustic session won’t just reveal their true talent in music and as entertainers, it will also let the audience hear a few well-said anecdotes and personal impressions about the world we have to put up with today.

(Folk Rock Bonnie & Clyde)
“Two lovers singing folk music” is probably a line that can make you cringe a little, especially after seeing that “Can’t Smile Without You” scene from Four Weddings and A Funeral. But let’s trust your favorite monthly indie gig more, shall we? This indie-folk-rock duo is from New Zealand. Apparently, that country have produced an excellent indie-folk-rock duo before, Flight of The Conchords. Plus, this duo is influenced by Talking Heads, The Beta Band, and Belle & Sebastian, so… We’re excited to have them on our little stage. Bring your loved ones and stare into each other eyes while hearing what this band has to offer… Smile!

20.00 – 21.00 GRIBS
21.10 – 21.55 DEAR FRONTIER
22.05 – 22.50 MORFEM
23.00 – 23.45 TIKA & THE DISSIDENTS
23.45 – 24.00 SUPERBAD DJ


Terima Kasih & Thank You,

*FDC : Rp 30.000,- (a choice of beer or soft drinks)
Bring extra cash to buy CDs and merchandise of the bands performing!
*Capacity: -/+ 200
* Photographers and video-makers are always welcomed to shoot, but please always make sure that the audience behind you can still enjoy the view of the stage, the bands playing aren’t distracted, and the operation of the venue is not disturbed.

– “SUPERBAD!” –> a monthly indie/rock live music event by The Secret Agents since 2008. Now held at The Jaya Pub (the oldest pub in town that, since 1975, features live music performances of all kinds of music from jazz, blues, to pop).Its mission is to showcase good independent local talents; from the very new freshly squeezed ones, to those who are already well-known in the local indie scene; giving them space where they can perform in front of the music loving folks in Jakarta and the surrounding areas.

– The Secret Agents are: Indra Ameng with Keke Tumbuan
A duo working on projects involving conceptual art, good music, and other delightful things.

Contact info:T : 0821-10146685 or 0818817548E: