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This event is presented by ruangrupa & The Secret Agents.
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ruangrupa records festival
music – video – art – bazaar
3 – 5 December 2011 @ Jakarta (ID)
The Jaya Pub – Tjikini – Tan Ek Tjoan – TIM – Kineforum


This festival aims to celebrate music as art form and an important part of contemporary culture. Besides music, RRREC FEST also includes a variety of creative outlets and activities such as: a bazaar of unique objects and merchandise, posters and stickers exhibition, video screenings, photography, etc..
RRREC FEST is also working with / engaging several local independent record labels, as well as alternative media such as various blogs and websites (especially those focusing on art and music). Lastly, this festival is a humble attempt to unite the various elements of sub-culture in the coolest, most awesome, and independent way.

Besides to showcase some of the best new local acts and other unique Indonesian – South East Asian – International bands, this event also intends to document (record) a generation within the music culture; whether it be in audio, in video, or even to be recorded in the soul of all the music fans who has witnessed the three-day event. 


Featuring local – South East Asian – International bands:
Backwood Sun (Jkt / ID), Sigmun (Bdg / ID), 9 Maps (Hong Kong), The Experience Brothers (Jkt / ID), The Cambodian Space Project (Cambodia), Triangle (Bdg / ID), Indie Art Wedding (Jkt / ID), White Shoes & The Couples Company (Jkt / ID), Belkastrelka (YG), Swimming Elephant (Jkt / ID), Bite (Jkt/ ID), Sir Dandy (Jkt / ID), Adopta (Bgr / ID), Tenderfist (Malaysia), Zebra & Snake (Finlandia), Goodnight Electric (Jkt / ID), PAL/NTSC (Jkt / ID), Ghaust (Jkt / ID), Morfem (Jkt / ID), The Kuda (Bgr / ID),L’Alphalpha (Jkt / ID),Hightime Rebellion (Jkt / ID),Zeke Khaseli (Jkt),Risky Summerbee & The Honeythief (Yk/ID), Dikeroyok Wanita (Jkt / ID), and Deerhoof (SF / USA). 


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The festival is held by ruangrupa, assisted by several local independent record labels and friends who are already familiar in the behind-the-scene world of independent local music, as well as various communities in the art, music and alternative culture scene.

The curator of RRREC FEST #2 is The Secret Agents.

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The Secret Agents

(Indra Ameng & Keke Tumbuan)

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