Due to this relatively new law that bans places of entertainment from opening for business on the night of NUJULUL QURAN (that’s halfway to Idul Fitri / Lebaran), which this year inconveniently falls on the 5th August, the date we picked to do the 43rd “SUPERBAD!” (The Fasting-month Edition)…. WE HAVE TO INFORM EVERYBODY THAT “SUPERBAD!” VOL. 43 HAS TO BE RE-SCHEDULED TO NEXT MONTH 😦

We just found out about this because the people from the venue, Jaya Pub, also didn’t know until late yesterday night. We found out today and has been asking around all day whether this was true or not, and was there anything we could do to go on with the show on the 5th… Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we could do, and so there will not be any “SUPERBAD!” in August.

It’s ironic, actually, to think that on the same month we also celebrate our national independence day (17th), a celebration of our freedom, but we are ridiculously not free at all.

Unless you want twenty dudes in white shirt and cap pounding at ya, in the name of God, you bloody have to OBEY the unreasonable law…

We apologise for this irritating cancellation, and we’ll see u all in SEPTEMBER!

Terima Kasih & Thank You,

– The Secret Agents –