Pak Toto, mixing drinks behind the bar at Jaya Pub. 

TERIMA KASIH & THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, PARTICIPANTS AND AUDIENCE OF THE 50th “SUPERBAD!” LAST SUNDAY! It is such a pleasure for us both, to keep this thing of ours going throughout the years. It’s been the most pleasing, most exhilarating, most mind blowing, and a lot of times most fucking exhausting, roller coaster ride; that we keep wanting to get on as soon as the last one ended.
But it has never even remotely been possible, without the love and support from our dearest FRIENDS (the old & the new ones), FAMILY, and TALENTED LOCAL MUSICIANS! Here’s looking at you, kids. Cheers for the next 50, and the 50 more after!
The flyer for Vol. 50 features Pak Toto, our beloved bartender, whom has been serving drinks at “SUPERBAD!” since Jaya Pub became our permanent venue in 2009. Many of you regulars are probably wondering where he’s been the last two volumes. Well, sadly, he had to retire sooner than he would like to, because of his health and his age. He was very ill when he had to stop working, but he’s much better now. He’s been asking if he could work again, maybe in their ‘slow’ nights, but the management is concerned about his health. Who knows, maybe one of these nights we can catch him doing his thing behind the bar at Jaya Pub again… or not. Let’s just wish him all the best and hope he knows how he’s profoundly missed by us on “SUPERBAD!”