The Secret Agents 

“SUPERBAD!” Vol. 51: =’Live’ Begins at Fifty One!= 

Sunday, 9 June 2013
8 pm – 1 am
The Jaya Pub, 
Gd. Jaya parking area, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 1-2, 
Jakarta Pusat (Right across Hotel Sari Pacific)

This is the fifty-first “SUPERBAD!”. This is Volume 51.
After all these years of working monthly on show after show, we are still extremely excited, giddy, and a wee bit silly each time. Well, this time ‘adrenalized’ is added, for we are in a super-celebrating mode! We bring you a superb line-up: an ubber unique headliner from far away land, and two local acts that are equally ultra fabulous. There is also our long awaited SUPERBAD Mix CDs (Free for the first 20 people) compiled by the mix-maestro DJ Super Suranta! Last but not least, there will be mucho bello little gifts for everyone, to commemorate this event, our 51st! 
So, come on down to Jaya Pub and join the celebration!
Enjoy the show…. Asoy… 🙂Image

The Line-Up

=King Khan & Mark Sultan a.k.a BBQ=
(Kinky Terror Metal Disco)
twitter: @kkbbqshow

=Bram & Daud=
(Psychedelia Handsome Rock)

A.F.F.E.N (Anatomy For Fabulous Emergency Noise)
=Hariz – Babam – Elmo – Ifsan – Hari – Ebong=
(Garage Youth Society)

• 20.00 – 21.00 : SUPERBAD TUNES
• 21.00 – 21.30 : AFFEN
• 21.40 – 22.10 : THE EXPERIENCE BROTHERS 
• 22.20 – 23.05 : KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW
• 23.00 – 01.00 : SUPERBAD TUNES

*FDC: IDR 30K (a choice of beer or soft drinks)
Bring extra cash to buy CDs and merchandise of the bands performing!
*Capacity: -/+ 200
* Photographers and video-makers are always welcomed to shoot, but please always make sure that the audience behind you can still enjoy the view of the stage, the bands playing aren’t distracted, and the operation of the venue is not disturbed.

“SUPERBAD!” is a monthly independent live music event by The Secret Agents, held since 2008. Its venue is The Jaya Pub (the oldest music pub in town where, since 1975, it has maintained a good rep for its live music performances of various genres; mainly blues, jazz, and rock). “SUPERBAD!” showcases good independent local talents; from the freshly squeezed newbies, to those already known in the local music scene. It gives them a comfy space to perform for the music lovers of Jakarta and from the surrounding areas.

The Secret Agents are: Indra Ameng with Keke Tumbuan
A duo working on projects involving conceptual art, good music, and other delightful things.

Contact info:
T: 0821-10146685 (Keke) or 0818-817548 (Ameng)

Terima Kasih & Thank You
Twitter: @DeSikretEjents
Facebook Group:
Contact: 0821-10146685 / 0818-817548
Fax: 021-8304220


We are celebrating another start of the next countdown… To Vol.100!! For now, we’re utterly grateful for the past 50 🙂 So, to thank everybody for the support and love all these years, there will be little goodies waiting for you on Sunday!! Early birds gonna get the best one ;p


One of the goodies for all! (Buttons to commemorate the event)

More? Find out at the event!