The Secret Agents 

“SUPERBAD!” Vol. 52 : 

(Orkes Menyambut Ramadhan)

Sunday, 7 July 2013
8 pm – 1 am
The Jaya Pub, 
Gd. Jaya parking area, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 1-2, 
Jakarta Pusat (across Hotel Sari Pacific)

Before the holy fasting month, it is recommended that we all go to Jaya Pub. Let’s enjoy the performances of todays top notch bands, while hanging out with our dearest friends. These awesome bands will be playing their latest materials on the tiny ol’ stage of Jaya Pub, assuredly in a delightful atmosphere full of intimacy and perspiration.” 

“Sebelum bulan puasa, ada baiknya singgah ke Jaya Pub. Mari nonton band-band kelas wahid masa kini, sambil kongkow bareng meten-meten. Band-band keren ini bakal memainkan lagu-lagu gubahan terbaru mereka di panggung kecil Jaya Pub, tentunya dalam suasana gembira yang intim dan berkeringat.”

Mereka, yang bukan main pula sudah tak asing lagi itu adalah: 

memikat meresah menggemaskan

MORFEM (Jakarta) 
joged rock di perkotaan

SIGMUN (Bandung)
ketegangan sinis nan fantastis 

20.00 – 21.00 : SUPERBAD DJ feat. : Mixed Tape by Sawie Lieu 
21.00 – 21.40 : SIGMUN
21.50 – 22.35 : MORFEM 
22.50 – 23.35 : TIKA & THE DISSIDENTS
23.40 – 01.00 : SUPERBAD DJ

*FDC: IDR 30K (a choice of beer or soft drinks)
Bring extra cash to buy CDs and merchandise of the bands performing!
*Capacity: -/+ 200

* Photographers and video-makers are always welcomed to shoot, but please always make sure that the audience behind you can still enjoy the view of the stage, the bands playing aren’t distracted, and the operation of the venue is not disturbed.

“SUPERBAD!” is a monthly independent live music event by The Secret Agents, held since 2008. Its venue is The Jaya Pub (the oldest music pub in town that, since 1975, has maintained a good rep for its live music performances of various genres; mainly blues, jazz, and rock). “SUPERBAD!” showcases good independent local talents; from the freshly squeezed newbies, to those already known in the local music scene; giving them space to perform in front of the hard-core lovers of music in Jakarta and the surrounding areas.

The Secret Agents are: Indra Ameng with Keke Tumbuan
A duo working on projects involving conceptual art, good music, and other delightful things.

Contact info:
T: 0821-10146685 (Miss Keke) or 0818-817548 (Mr. Ameng)

Terima Kasih & Thank You
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