Poster and Flyer of "SUPERBAD!" Vol. 53

Poster and Flyer of “SUPERBAD!” Vol. 53


The Secret Agents


“SUPERBAD!” Vol. 53: “OKE, LET’S GO!”

Sunday, 15 Sep 2013
8 pm – 1 am
The Jaya Pub,
Gd. Jaya parking area, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 1-2,
Jakarta Pusat (Right across Hotel Sari Pacific)

Kami seringkali menerima telfon, pesan singkat dan juga e-mail dari band-band yang berasal dari segala penjuru, baik dalam kota, luar kota, maupun luar negeri. Dari kiriman-kiriman ini, kami mendapatkan banyak profil band beserta lagu, demo, download link dan bahkan rilisan fisik. Sebagian besar band-band yang tampil di “SUPERBAD!” kami dapatkan infonya dari proses kiriman-kiriman ini. Begitu juga dalam Vol. 53 ini.

Kira-kira satu bulan lalu, kami mendapat email dari seorang kawan di Surabaya yang mengabarkan bahwa ada dua band baru dari kotanya, COTSWOLDS dan TAMAN NADA, yang selepas merilis EP akan menjalani tur ke 10 kota di Pulau Jawa, dan Jakarta termasuk salah satunya. Sontak tanpa pikir panjang, kami menyatakan kesediaan “SUPERBAD!” untuk menjadi salah satu gig yang turut mendukung tur ini sebagai venue di Jakarta.
Demi melengkapi line-up ‘SUPERBAD!” yang biasanya menampilkan 3 hingga 4 band, kami mencoba mencari 2 band lagi yang kami anggap pas untuk tampil bersama dengan 2 band dari Surabaya ini. Kami menelusuri lagi inbox email dan database kami yang memuat data profil band berikut lagu-lagunya, hingga akhirnya menemukan dua band dengan gelora baru untuk “membunyikan” dirinya lewat cara bersenang-senang. Kedua band ini, yang kami undang untuk melengkapi line-up “SUPERBAD!” Vol. 53 adalah MUCHOS LIBRE dan STRANGE FRUIT.

Mereka-mereka yang baru dan bergairah itu adalah:

We often receive phone calls, instant messages, and e – mails from bands from all around the country, both in and outside the city, as well as from abroad. From these submissions, we get a lot of band profiles; along with one or two songs, a demo , download links, and even actual (mini) album releases (CDs). A lot of the bands that have performed in “Superbad!” got the gig from this submission process. Like in this Vol . 53…

Approximately a month ago , we got an email from a friend in Surabaya whom reported that there were two new bands there, namely COTSWOLDS and TAMAN NADA,, that after the release of their EPs will be on tour to 10 cities in Java, including Jakarta. Right there and then, without hassling too much on details, we expressed our willingness to be one of the gigs that would support this tour in Jakarta .

To complete the line – up for “Superbad!” this month , we  tried to find 2 more bands that we would deem fit to perform with the bands from Surabaya. Again, we traced the email inbox and our database, containing datas of band profiles and songs; until we finally found another two bands, with fresh gusto in sound, that are making music for a way of having fun! These 2 bands are MUCHOS LIBRE and STRANGE FRUIT.

So, here’s the line-up of new and energetic bands for Vol. 53:

COTSWOLDS (Surabaya)
(shoegaze / postpunk)
Windrata Faizal (vocal/guitar) – Dwiki Putra (guitar) – Wing Wisesa (bass) – Farras Fauzi(drum)

TAMAN NADA (Surabaya)
Atthur Razaki (vocal, guitar) – Salman Muhiddin (vocal, guitar) – Zaki Rifian (Guitalele) – Nandiwardhana (Harmonika and Pianika) – Dwiki Putra (Bass) – Arya Pratyaksha (Drum)

(psycho garage rock)
Dilla Bagongtempur ( vocal) – Dally Korongmentah (vocal) – Adie Emo (bass) – Nos Cikiwiw (guitar)
– Iky Kunjay (guitar) – Hilman Hakimimassa (drum)

(alternative rock)
Baldi Calvianca – Elang Eka Banu – Ardia Octavianus

20.00 – 21.00 : SUPERBAD DJ
21.00 – 21.30 : TAMAN NADA
21.40 – 22.10 : MUCHOS LIBRE
22.25 – 22.55 : STRANGE FRUIT
23.10 – 23.40 : COTSWOLDS
23.40 – 01.00: SUPERBAD DJ

*FDC: IDR 30K (a choice of beer or soft drinks)
Bring extra cash to buy CDs and merchandise of the bands performing!
*Capacity: -/+ 200
* Photographers and video-makers are always welcomed to shoot, but please always make sure that the audience behind you can still enjoy the view of the stage, the bands playing aren’t distracted, and the operation of the venue is not disturbed.
“SUPERBAD!” is a monthly independent live music event by The Secret Agents, held since 2008. Its venue is The Jaya Pub (the oldest music pub in town that, since 1975, has maintained a good rep for its live music performances of various genres; mainly blues, jazz, and rock). “SUPERBAD!” showcases good independent local talents; from the freshly squeezed newbies, to those already known in the local music scene; giving them space to perform in front of the hard-core lovers of music in Jakarta and the surrounding areas.
The Secret Agents are: Indra Ameng with Keke Tumbuan
A duo working on projects involving conceptual art, good music, and other delightful things.

Contact info:
T: 0821-10146685 (Keke) or 0818-817548 (Ameng)

Terima Kasih & Thank You
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Twitter: @DeSikretEjents
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