"The Subway"

Lost.. Somewhere in New York City, on the way back to the hotel, riding the subway at 7 am, , September 2008..

“SUPERBAD!” is a monthly independent live music event by The Secret Agents, held since 2008. Its venue is The Jaya Pub (the oldest music pub in town that, since 1975, has maintained a good rep for its live music performances of various genres; mainly blues, jazz, and rock). “SUPERBAD!” showcases good independent local talents; from the freshly squeezed newbies, to those already known in the local indie scene; giving them space to perform in front of the hard-core lovers of music in Jakarta and the surrounding areas.

But, it is also simply a chance to meet up with old friends once in a while, in the middle of our fast paced lives… Accompanied by real good music.

Artworks for “SUPERBAD!” can also be seen at http://www.superbadjakarta.tumblr.com

New! “SUPERBAD!” has its own twitter now, so start following @SUPERBADJakarta

The Secret Agents are: Agent A (a.k.a Indra Ameng) with Agent K (a.k.a Keke Tumbuan). A duo working on projects involving conceptual art, good music, and other delightful things.

Loving: Photography, Installations, Music, Secret Places, Albums, Memories, Conversations, Sunday Mornings, Black & White, Records, Cinematography, Journals, “Sayur”, Nowhere, Somewhere, Words, ruangrupa, RuRuShop Radio, WSATCC, Jakarta, George Harrison, Holly Golightly, Steve Buscemi, Johnny Thunders, Oscar Wilde, Pliket, Waking Life, Virgo A Go Go, Taurus Bersaudara, Radio, James Dean, Dada, MoMa, Altoids, Jared Hess, Milos Forman, Hedwig, Chess, Amoeba, Amsterdam, Wes Anderson, New York, Lost In Translation, Terry Richardson, Paris, Cindy Sherman, Jogjakarta, Coffee, Cigarettes, Monday Mayhem, “SUPERBAD!”, Berbeda Dan Merdeka 100%, Super Suranta, Jah Ipoel, Cobra, Byrne, Alternative, Watermelons, Oomleo, Karon-okay, OK Video, Biennale, Insomnia, Performances, Taxis, Shades, The Jaya Pub, MES56, Yes No Wave, Human Inc., Hitchcock, Jarmusch, Top Five, Midnight Table Talk, Uncle Bob, Brother John, Nevermind, Suede, Posters, Smoking Areas, Intro, Melancholics, Magazines, Old Fashion, Gigs, Double Tape, Nothingness, The Raveonettes, Gainsbourg, Ginsberg, Major Tom, Deerhoof, Lovers, “Uncool Is The New Cool”, RRREC FEST, Foux du Fa Fa…


The official “SUPERBAD!” t-shirt promo, featuring The Secret Agents in the Pink Room at ruangrupa (www.ruangrupa.org)

The Secret Agents visiting Jogja Biennale at Jogja Museum, 2011

The “SUPERBAD!” Logo, by The Secret Agents


Contact info: T:0821-10146685 or 0818817548, E:desecretagents@gmail.com, W:http://www.the-secret-agents.weebly.com